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There are 45 stories from 36 Scottish storytellers in Tales On The Tongue. But a story told aloud is usually different from the same story put down on a page. Compare the 11 stories on this CD with the printed versions from the same storytellers, not just the words used, but the emphases, energy, variety of voices, small sound effects and actions.

1   The Wee Green Van  Senga Munro
2   How Bear Lost His Tail  Judy Paterson
3   Tubby The Tuba   Claire McNicol
& Tubby The Tuba [excerpt]  Claire McNicol aged 4
4   The Star Apple   Bea Ferguson
5   The Fat Cat    Bea Ferguson
6   Little Half Chick   Colin Mackay
7   Monday, Tuesday   Donald Smith
8   Tommy    Audrey Parks
9   The Name Game   Ewan McVicar
10 The Cat Woman   Judy Paterson
11 Odin's Bargain   Senga Munro

Recorded and edited in 2005/6 by Ewan McVicar for The Scottish Storytelling Centre, 43-5 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 1SR.

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