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Traditional Scottish Stories For Younger Children
by Ewan McVicar

Here are my versions of traditional Scottish stories. I heard them from others or found them in books. I always look at the oldest book version I can find, so I am not claiming for myself some other storyteller's version of the story. When I am learning a story I work to make my own version, with my own details and twists and turns. Every time I tell a story I make it a little different, because I want each telling to be alive and new to me.
Children should be encouraged to join in with these stories - I have used small songs and repetitive formulas at times to help this happen - and to try telling them themselves.

1. More Cream
I knew this story of the troublesome fairies before I heard harpist and storyteller Heather Yule tell it, but her version inspired me to make my own.
2. The Well O The World's End
The well appears in various Scottish stories. Some are bloodthirsty. This frog story is of course one version of a very well known theme. Sometimes when I tell it the frog turns into a tomcat instead of a prince.
3. The Wee Bannock
Another well-known fellow. In England he is the Gingerbread Man, in Russia he is Kolobok. At Easter time he becomes an Easter Egg.
4. The Seal Wife
One of the favourite stories of Scotland. There are whole books of stories of the Seal Folk.
5. Monday Tuesday Wednesday
I first heard this Scottish version of a story known from Ireland to Japan 40 years ago from singer and weaver Norman Kennedy of Aberdeen.

Tracks 1 and 5 previously appeared on GAL 009
Ewan McVicar Traditional Stories and New Poems

Tracks 2-4 were created for a storytelling project in the Russian city of Perm.

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