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1. Clapa Clapa Handies / Clap Your Handies / Babbity Bowster / When I Was Wee / Today Is Hogmanay / Down In Yonder Meadow
2. Ye Canny Shove Yer Grannie
3. Queen Mary / The World Must Be Coming To An End / When I Was Single
4. When You See A Puddle
5. Wha Saw The 42nd / When I Was One
6. I Think I Know A Man
7. Weary Weary [first version]
8. Coulter’s Candy
9. S.U.G.A.R.
10. Our Little Pigs / Three Craws
11. Cooking On The Barbeque
12. Bananas Are The Best
13. Six O’Clock
14. The Wind The Wind
15. Weary Weary [second version]
16. Fingers Mouth And Toes
17. Caterpillar Rhyme
18. The Fast Alphabet
19. 1 2 3 Aleerie
20. Everywhere We Go
21. Ma Maw’s A Millionaire
22. One O’Clock / I’ve A Laddie / Ma Maw Says
23. Johnnie Johnston
24. Last Night / Elvis Presley
25. Aiken Drum
26. Cromarty Regatta / Dance Tae Yer Mazzie
27. Wee Barra / Wee Bird Cam / Rabbie Burns The Diver
28. Ma Grannie Went To Sea
29. Ma Wee Ring

These songs were recorded by Ewan McVicar for the use of professionals working with children – and for anyone else who needs them.

The following songs are composed by Ewan McVicar.
When You See A Puddle
I Think I Know A Man
[aka No Pyjamas On]
Cooking On The Barbeque
Bananas Are The Best
Fingers Mouth And Toes
Caterpillar Rhyme
Cromarty Regatta
Ma Grannie Went Tae Sea
The other songs are all ‘traditional’ Scottish.

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