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Alan Tall
Ian Davison
Ewan McVicar
Hamish Imlach
Iain Mackintosh

1  I Wish I Was in Glasgow - Iain
Although this song was written by Billy Connolly, Iain has changed some of the words.
2  Tam the Bam - Ewan & Alan
This song won Ewan a place in the national finals of the SONGSEARCH competition, then he was marked down for lack of originality in the tune.
3  Cod Liver Oil and the Orange Juice - Hamish
Hamish's most famous song, known around the world. The original song was Virgin Mary Had a Little Baby!
4  The Glasgow I Used to Know - Ian & Ewan
Two other songs on this album, Caves in the Canyons and Farewell to Glasgow, were written in response to this song of Adam MacNaughtan's.
5  When I Was Single & Ye Canny Shove Yer Grannie - Ewan
Traditional kids' songs.
6  Caves in the Canyons - Ewan
Ian Davison reminds us that Glasgow tenement-lined streets felt deep and dark.
7  Three Men From Carntyne - Iain
Some people think Billy Connolly wrote this, but in fact it was built up by Tony Harris, John Watt and Iain Mackintosh.
8  Three Craws & Wha Saw the 42nd? - Ewan
More kids' fun ditties.
9  Doon in the Wee Room - Ian
Made by Daniel McLaughlin in the 1930s. His grandson Brendan McLaughlin has the original lyric sheet.
10 Bus 33 & Glasgow Rain - Ewan & Alan
Two depressed ditties.
11 Last Night There Was a Murder & Elvis Presley - Ewan
Here come the kids again.
12 Twelve and a Tanner a Bottle - Hamish
A protest song, made when the price of whisky went up to 62.5p a bottle.
13. Uncle Shuggie - Ewan & Alan
Many families have a chancer in their midst.
14 Barroom Mountaineers - Ewan
Written by rambler David Clark, but many other hill walkers also get the blame for it. The places named are within a day's walk of Glasgow.
15 Farewell to Glasgow - Iain
Jim McLean's response to Adam's nostalgic The Glasgow I Used to Know song. Adam sings Jim's song as well as his own.
16 Danny Lannie & His Heavy China - Ewan & Alan
Some street panhandlers are honest enough to say what they'll spend your money on.
17 Buddy Bolden - Ewan & Alan
A tribute to the Clyde Valley Stompers, and their Jazz Club in Clyde St.
18 Fat Glasgow Magistrate - Iain
An old nickname for the plump herring of Loch Fyne.
19 Means Test Man & Gies a Job - Ewan & Alan
A remade old song, and a response to Yosser's cry of desperation in an old Liverpool TV drama.
20 Nancy Whisky - Ewan
Another remaking of a fine old song that has at least three tunes.
21 Going Home to Glasgow - Ian
A transport of love song to the city.
22 Bonny Wee Barra & Wee Bird Cam & Rabbie Burns the Diver - Ian
A last set of bouncing kids' songs.
23 I Belong to Glasgow - Ewan
Will Fyffe was a Dundee man. He wrote this on meeting an intoxicated Glasgwegian in Central Station, who said "Tonight, Glasgow belongs to me".

Most of these songs were on an LP issued in 1991. Sadly Iain Mackintosh and Hamish Imlach are no longer with us, and are much missed.
You will find many of the songs on this CD in the book 'One Singer One Song', written by Ewan McVicar, published by Glasgow City Libraries

Ian Davison - tracks 9, 21
Hamish Imlach - tracks 3, 12
Iain Mackintosh - tracks 1, 7, 15, 18
Iain Mackintosh & Ewan McVicar - track 4
Ewan McVicar - tracks 5, 6, 8, 11, 14, 20, 22, 23
Ewan McVicar and Alan Tall - tracks 2, 10, 13, 16, 17, 19

Alan Tall, vocals, flute, keyboards, guitar, saxophone, percussion
Iain Mackintosh, vocals, banjo, concertina
Ewan McVicar, vocals, guitar, autoharp
Hamish Imlach, vocals, guitar
Ian Davison, vocals, guitar
with Muriel Graves, vocals, Fred Gilmour, percussion
Carol Sweeney, flute, keyboards, guitar

Ewan & Alan tracks arranged and produced by Alan Tall
All other tracks produced by Ewan McVicar
Recorded in 1989 at Tower Studios, Glasgow
Engineered by Craig Tannock, David Garrett, Lachlan McQuarrie & Steven Nelson, mixed by Craig Tannock and David Garrett
Photograph by Ewan McVicar, mural by Stan Bell

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