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Where there is nae class and there is nae boss
Nae kings or queens an damn the loss
And ye'll find nae trace o a Polaris base
In the Eskimo Republic

This book is no longer in print. There is a PDF version here.  

New and old Scottish songs fuelled and reported on political actions and camplaigns, from the 1950 reiving of the Stane O Scone , through the growth of the SNP, to the 1999 reopening of the Scottish Parliament, and on peace campaigns and protests from the 1960s to the 1990s. This book investigates the historical roots of Scots political song, and considers the role of key activists and songmakers Hamish Henderson, Matt McGinn, Thurso Berwick, Hamish Imlach, Ewan MacColl and Dick Gaughan. The 50+ interviewees include songmakers and singers, politicians and political activists and organisers.

Interviewees include Jim McLean, Dolina MacLennan, Ian McCalman, Marion Blythman, Ian Davison, Eric Bogle, Alistair Hulett, Billy Wolfe, Jim Kelman, John Powles, Geordie McIntyre, Fiona Hyslop MSP, Archie Fisher, Rab Noakes, John Greig, Cathie Peattie MSP, Rob Gibson MSP, Sheila Douglas, Hugh MacDonald, Nancy Nicolson, David Campbell, Peggy Seeger, Stuart McHardy, Danny Couper, Donald Smith, Eileen Penman, Ronnie Clark, Ian Walker, Anne Neilson.

The book includes a CD with 29 songs and many data files of scanned booklet covers, lyric sheets and much more. See below for detailed list. 

To find videos of the brilliant launch concert , October 2010, press here

Political songs
Broken faimlies in lands we’ve herriet
Will curse Scotland the Brave nae mair,
nae mair
Kick the Cooncil up the backside
Celebrate the new Red Clydeside
Liberty’s in every blow
Let us Do or Die
Independence Songs
Scotland hesna got a King
And hesna got a Queen
Ye canna hae the second Liz
Whan the first yin’s never been
We’ll cut a trench along the border
And sail away from England wi the SNP
Anti-Nuclear Songs
 Boomerang, boomerang
We’ll send them back where they belang
Send back Polaris, send back Cruise
Ding Dong Dollar, everybody holler
Ye canny spend a dollar when ye’re deid
Sangs O The Stane
The Dean o Westminster wis a powerful man
He held aa the strings o the state in his hand
But wi aa this great business it flustered him nane
Till some rogues ran away wi his Wee Magic Stane


1]  The Eskimo Republic – Jimmy Ross, pages 7, 16,105
2] The Wee Magic Stane – Ewan McVicar, page1 9
3] Barraty Parraty – Ewan McVicar, page 21
4] Sherlock Holmes – Alastair MacDonald, page 21
5] Clydebank Blitz – Ian Davison, page 55
6] Coronation Coronach – Ian Davison, pages 57, 64
7] Sky-High Joe – John Greig, page 60
8] Ma Maw’s An MSP – Cathie Peattie, page 93, 293
9] Ding Dong Dollar – SCND Buskers, pages 95,104
10] Owt For Nowt & Bandiera Rossa – John Watt, pages 139, 163
11] Mandela Danced In The Square – Ian Davison, page 168
12] The Scottish Naval Patrol – Alastair McDonald, page 169
13] Forget The Old Orange And The Green – Nigel Denver, pages 153, 177
14] Cuddle – Nancy Nicolson, page 183
15] My Collier Sweetheart – Ewan McVicar, page 193
16] Hawks And Eagles Fly Like Doves – Ian Walker, page 208
17] Remember Solferino – Ian Walker & Setanta, page 208
18] Song For The Miner – Tony McManus, page 210
19] Glascune And Drumlochie – Hamish Henderson, page 211
20] Blackberry Man – Freddie Anderson, page 212
21] Poll Tax Dodgers – Eileen Penman, page 213
22] Poll Tax Rap – Stuart McHardy, page 213
23] Goin Up In Smokey – SCND Buskers, page 214
24] CND Is The One To Be With – SCND Buskers, page 215
25] Boak On Ma Semmit – Ukes Against Nukes, page 219
26] Who Pays The Piper – Nancy Nicolson, page 221
27] Munlochy Vigil – Rob Gibson, page 225
28] Iraq n Bac – Ukes Against Nukes, page 8
29] The Freedom Come-All-Ye – Ewan McVicar, page 305

Tracks 1, 3, 4, 6 and 7 are from Thurso Berwick, Aa Breenge In, a tribute cassette and booklet jointly issued by Songs From Under The Bed and Gallus in about 1991
Tracks 2, 8 and 29 were recorded for this disc
Track 5 is from The Best Of Ian Davison – Volume Two, Clydetracks 12,13,14
Tracks 9, 23 and 24 are from Gie’s Peace, Scottish CND Buskers, Gallus GAL 100
Track 10 is from Heroes, a Neon/Watt production issued by The Tradition Bearers, LTCD3001, downloadable at
Track 11 is from The Best Of Ian Davison, Clydetracks Double CD 008/009, see
Track 12 is from Scotland First, Nevis NEV LP 108, 1970
Track 13 is from Scottish Republican Songs, Major Minor MMLP1, 1966
Tracks 14 and 26 are from Rhyme And Reason Gallus GAL 104, 2001
Track 15 is from Almost New Songs, Gallus no number, 2005
Track 16 is from Flying High, Fellside FE060
Track 17 is from Crossing The Border Lines, Fellside FECD88, see
Track 18 is from Songs From Under The Bed 1
Track 19 is from Songs From Under The Bed 2
Track 20 is From Songs From Under The Bed 3
Tracks 21 and 22 are from Songs From Under The Poll Tax, A Songs From Under The Bed Project, 1991
 Tracks 25 and 28 are from Mmmmmm, That Great Event, Virtual Mary Music no number
Track 27 is from Oilseed Raped, Munlochy GM Vigil no number

A] In place of a book index there is on the CD a fully searchable PDF file of the Eskimo Republic text. Enter in the ‘search’ box any word or name you wish to locate.
B] Cover images of LPs, cassettes and CDs.
C] Covers of song booklets.
D] Covers and texts of various relevant publications.
E] Song lyrics.
F] Photos and illustrations of various relevant people.


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