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Cod Liver Oil & The Orange Juice

Reminiscences Of A Fat Folk Singer
by Hamish Imlach & Ewan McVicar
This is the outrageous, disgusting, brutally honest and totally hilarious autobiography of an itinerant funny man whose outsize shape and matching personality gave him a unique profile. When first published in 1992 it featured for three months in lists of Scotland’s best selling books.
Hamish Imlach was a professional folk singer, humourist and guitar stylist, massively popular here and abroad. He influenced Christy Moore, John Martyn, Billy Connolly. John Martyn wrote of him, “If it hadn’t been for Hamish and his encouragement and patience with younger musicians, there would be far fewer musicians about, myself included. And Hamish had a great influence in bringing humour into folk music. The Big Yin wouldn’t have become the Big Yin without the Fat Yin.” 

This book is hard to get, so press here to find and read a PDF version.

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